My only wish for this year is for 2014 not to be a more hurtful 2010 for Super Junior and ELF.
i just don’t want to see a crestfallen Leeteuk who is secretly hiding his prepared thank you speech for the daesang.i don’t want to witness EunHae (and Kyuhyun) trying so hard to not cry because of disappointment.i don’t want to see the members looking at ELFs feeling sorry like they weren’t able to do their best for us,they did but to be frank,we ELF somehow fell short.and lastly,it’s also not a good sight for ELFs to later on say a lot of what ifs.heechul warned us that year but we were too is the right time to make up for it.let’s make sure that 2014 is really SJ’s and ELF’s year.coz it won’t turn out that way if we don’t help each other.2010 has a lot of excuses specially during the Daesang,so let us not give them more excuses to deliberately put us down.if we are gonna do this,let’s do this’s almost time for 7jib,NOW is the right time to prepare. (via haebabo)

(Source: dajugyeo)

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